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The Hatale tea factory is located approximately sixteen miles off the Kandyan hill capital en route to Madulkalle and the Knuckles range. The Hatale Classic Tea centre stands just outside the gates of the factory. The Meezan group received this factory as substitute compensation for certain other properties taken over by the Land Reform Commission in the early nineteen seventies. 

The Hatale Tea Factory at the time of handover on the 30th of November 2002 was then nothing more than an abandoned, empty shell made up of cracked walls, decayed timber poles, corroded machinery and a roof that looked like it might cave in at any given moment. It was the most unpleasant of sights. We gradually started taking steps to correct the woeful condition of the factory. Brand new machinery was purchased and brought in for installation. We were determined to restore the factory back to a fully operational state. 

Then in the latter part of 2004 after nearly 2 years of extreme toil and hard work, an entirely new Factory stood in the  remnants of the old.

Hon. Minister, Mr Janaka Bandara Tennnakoon ceremonially opening the Hatale Tea Factory flanked by   Mr Ihithisham Meezan and his two sons

We had thus succeeded in our endeavors and the brand new factory was declared open on the 10th of October 2004, by the then Minister of Local Government, Hon. Janaka Bandara Tennakoon. 

The Hatale Tea Factory  had  been constructed with the capacity to cope up with the latest demands in  the tea market, processing easily in excess of 18,000kg of green leaf per day had thus become our  benchmark.

Over the years we have strived hard to consistently maintain the highest standard in black tea production and the rewards have been phenomenal.  Which is no surprise to us that our brand of tea has continued to sustain and satisfy the expectation of our valued clientele based in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Our ambition is to further increase the green leaf processing capacity and improves upon our production standards, which in turn in will maximize our return and most importantly satisfy the ever increasing demand for Tea.   


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