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Hatale Classic Tea Shop

The “ Hatale Classis Tea Shop”   situated in the environs of the Hatale Tea  Garden was established on the 6th April 2008 and was ceremonially opened by the Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Mr. Nimal Udugampola.

The Tea shop which is located only a few yards away from the Hatale Tea factory is on a higher elevation with a bird’s eye view overlooking majestic mountains and lush greenery which will put anyone’s mind at ease.  It makes an ideal transit point for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts to taste our aromatic brand of tea before proceeding towards the cool climes of Madukalle and Knuckles Range. 

Mr Ihthisham Meezan(Left)  presenting a token of appreciation  to  the Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Mr Nimal Udugampola, during the opening ceremony of the Hatale Tea Garden,
witnessed by Mr. Ziadueen Meezan 

Visitors can purchase souvenirs at the “ Hatale Classic Tea Shop “ for Family and Friends   in the form of tea packs in assorted varieties and flavors, complemented with convenient sized packaging, which comes exclusively from our  tea estates in Hatale, Ancoombra and Dartry.  

It is the perfect spot to stop over and take a breather by indulging in a hot cuppa of the most refreshing tea you will ever taste. So please do visit us and experience the true splendor of mid grown tea like you have never experienced before. 

We welcome you to the   “Hatale Classis Tea Shop” where you can, unwind, relax and experience our unique blend of tea, while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of its picturesque surroundings.

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