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Ancoombra tea plantation is situated in vicinity of the Ancoombra Tea Factory where tea was first introduced in 1864 by the late Mr.  Henry Steven, a cousin of the late Mr. James Taylor, universally well known today as the father of Ceylon Tea.

The plantation which has a reputation for being one of the earliest established in the country, received a new lease of life   in 1946, when it was purchased by Meezan Hajdiar and today boasts a capacity between 3500 to 4000 Kilograms yield per Hectare. This was largely due to adherence to modern cultivation methods supported by impressive plucking systems, constant maintenance and strict quality control adapted by the Management.

The Ancoombra Tea plantation supplies nearly 10% of its factories requirement for “green leaf “while the remainder is purchased from the tea small holders elsewhere  .The green leaf  which is plucked fresh from our tea fields in a timely manner , compliments the taste and quality of  our  black tea when  processed and manufactured in our Factory.  It comes as no surprise that our tea remains popular among our consumers based in the domestic and International markets largely due to its reputation as a dependable brand.

Apart from tea, the Ancoombra Tea plantation grows minor crops in the form of pepper, cloves, cinnamon and coffee which appears seasonally. Furthermore, steps are being taken by carrying out extensive clearing in underutilized areas of the plantation with an objective to increase green leaf yield.  This will help meet the ever increasing demand for black tea and ensure our brand continues to sustain in the long run and most importantly satisfy the expectations of all stakeholders.


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