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The Hatale Tea plantation is located towards the upper part of the central province, within the Madulkalle region in the Kandy District. It rises to an elevation of around 3500 feet above sea level with average sunshine and consistent rainfall which provides and environment conducive for Tea growing.

The Hatale Tea Plantation came under our management in the year 2002 and has since been given a fresh and completely new lease of life. The introduction of modern planting techniques, timely fertilizer application and round the clock supervision have collectively ensured a tremendous increase in  yield from approximately 2000 to 4000kgs of green leaf per hectare. Additionally, more than a hundred acres of land has been uprooted in order to facilitate replanting. This is another long term measure to increase   yield and enhance productivity. As a result, our annual “Made Tea” production has recently exceeded 70,000kgs.

 The Hatale Tea Plantation meets 50% of its factories requirement for green leaf, while the remainder is met through ‘bought leaf’ purchased from various suppliers in and around the town of Hatale. An excellent road network has been developed to facilitate easy transport and speedy plucking of Teas leaf, unrestricted supervision. And for the convenience of nature lovers and sightseers who patronize our Holiday Bungalows within the vicinity.

The Hatale Tea plantation in a short span of just eight years has shown great strides while overcoming the greatest of challenges. It is widely regarded as one of the best plantations in the region, not necessarily in terms of yield or Nett Sales Average, but more importantly for its high quality “Tea” it produces and distributes to the market.




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