Nagala Plantation which we received in 1986 as part of compensation package for what was taken earlier, Is situated about 25 miles from the historic city of Matale en-route to Rattota and neighboring Gammaduwa.
The Nagala Plantation since its inception specialized primarily in Tea plantation. However we have recently been compelled to make inroads into the Tea fields in order to plant Timber and Pepper in mass scale.

This was due to the ever changing climatic conditions in the region. As the climate in Nagala has become increasingly dry over the last decade and beyond its’ apex soil has lost many of its nutrients necessary for the growth of strong green Tea bushes. 

Therefore, as a substantial number of trees are being felled down on a daily basis in the region, we believe that planting Timber on a mass scale will help bring rain and in turn supplement the dry soil with much needed enrichment. 

Already, large parts of the plantation land have been cleared for the introduction of Timber and Pepper. Our aim is to gradually convert the entire plantation from Tea to Timber complemented with Pepper in selected areas. This we believe will be most beneficial to us in the long run due to its scarcity and ever increasing demand for the same in Sri Lanka.

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